Built it and they will come... maybe not

Using Social Media is one thing. Understanding how it works to SELL in your industry & your business is another. Anyone can set up an account in Social Media, but setting it up correctly is another story. Just like you can buy tools and build your own house, many times it's easier to let someone else do the heavy lifting & build a solid foundation.

Huracán 2014 U.S. Debut: Customer to Mfg Feedback Loop
Where are your Customers?

The Basics: The first step I work with you on is understanding how the gears of Social Media work together. Traditional advertising is about interrupting. Social media is about sharing, interacting and engaging. Once you understand that then it's time to ask "Which communities should we be in?" Generally, I recommend going to where your customers ARE already!

Huracán 2014 U.S. Debut: Customer to Mfg Feedback Loop
Know the demographics

Each industry is unique. When setting up your Social Media engagement strategy and tactics the first step is getting a good understanding of your audience. Talking to an empty room or a room full of people who don't care about what you do is a money waster. Let's get you in front of the right people!

Huracán 2014 U.S. Debut: Customer to Mfg Feedback Loop
What can Social Media Do?

Using Social Media in conjunction with your website is a great way to interact with customers and get new business. Think of it like a business cocktail party where some folks are in the conversation circle and doing a lot of listening. They leave and tell some friends and you do more business via word-of-mouth. Give me a call & speed up your business!

Huracán 2014 U.S. Debut: Customer to Mfg Feedback Loop

Industry specific complex concepts explained in entertaining, easy-to-understand soundbites that your group can take away & implement

“When you first start using Social Media tools it’s easy to view it with  traditional ‘push’ style ‘shotgun’ marketing tactics.  That is certainly part of “it” but you’ll very quickly discover that it can be used for rifle shot marketing.

Sometimes, that can be very good and sometimes it can go very very wrong.  Social Media starts to resemble a reality tv show that candidly depicts exactly how “you” behave with your customers.  That’s where the ‘marketing’ ends & sales and customer service begins.  …and it can happen very quickly. If you’re not ready for it, you can upset the other ‘prospects’ watching how you behave and it can then reside there for everyone to see FOREVER”

A solid understanding of social media ‘concepts’ and real world examples is what your group will see & hear at my engagements.

What’s All This About Social Media?

Want to learn more about some Social Media basic?  This video was part of a series presented during the International Manufacturing Technology Show.