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Industrial Equipment Sales via Social Media

A shorter version of this article appeared in the American Machine Tool Distributor’s Association “ToolTalk” newsletter in October 2010 starting on Page 4 This article on social media is going to be a bit different than previous articles that have appeared in Tool Talk.  We’re going to address some of the core questions that the […]

Twitter, QR Codes & Managing your Mobile Sales Force

What’s the next big thing? What should you be thinking about as Social Media explodes into a frenzy of evolution? QR codes! QR codes are two-dimensional bar codes like the one pictured at the right. It was created in the mid-1990’s by Denso-Wave to track component parts in the Toyota Manufacturing process.  QR codes are […]

Is it time to re-think the T-Slot?

“If you’re not making chips you’re not making money” Okay, here’s a typical scenario: A salesperson walks into a typical machine shop one day to run a 3” face mill test.  He loads the inserts onto the cutter and runs the test.  Throughout the process he’s crunching numbers.  He’s calculating how much faster the SFM […]