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Don’t let attendees at #IMTS think your booth is just a lot of hot air!

What are yourgoals for the IMTS show? As IMTS is rapidly approaching many exhibitors are scrambling to be prepared for and caught up in all of that necessary, last-minute minutia that we all tend to forget about. But, take a moment to sit back and think about the big picture of exhibiting at IMTS. Ask […]

Social Media CRM & Dashboards are NOT ready for Prime Time

The focus of many companies who have not jumped into Social Media efforts has been to work out their strategy and tactical implementation but the tool sets they have to manage them aren’t finished being built. Social CRM and Social Media dashboards are still in the development stage. No one has it right yet. Well, […]

NOT MARKETING: Social Media is a communications TOOL

Social Media is a communications TOOL just like a fax machine, a cell phone or email Lately I’ve been seeing more and more articles discussiing which department controls the message of Social Media: Marketing or PR? I actually was asking that question a year ago in an article entitled “Who leads the charge in Social […]