Mr. Martin is the President and Founder of Rapid Production Marketing, a marketing, social media, business management & business intelligence consulting firm. Mr. Martin has a unique background: Starting his career in finance and management & sales consulting Mr. Martin has had first hand experience in start-ups, branding, manufacturing, channels management, and manufacturer’s agency management which gives him a very unique skill set.


What people say

“I have had the pleasure of working with Bernie in many different capacities over the past 15 years. Bernie’s energy and enthusiasm is always at the highest level. He is one the best strategic planners I have worked with in my 40 years in the metalcutting industry. His excellence at what he does raises the performance level of everyone around him.”
Robert Wahlstrom, President,
Criterion Machine Works, March 24, 2009

““I met up with Bernard at the Industrial Supply Association trade show this year. Due to our schedules we were only able to spend about 5 minutes with each other. Let me just say that if nothing else had happened at that show, the 5 minutes I spent with Bernard was worth the entire cost of the trip and show!”
David Blomquist, Sales Manager,
Ranco Industries, May 6, 2010

To be passionate IS the key

Many years ago I was told a story about two guys walking in the woods and seeing some bear cubs. The both knew that the momma bear was going to be close and pretty angry when she saw them. The one guy immediately sat down and took off his hiking boots and started putting on running shoes. The other guy looked at him and said “You can’t outrun that bear!” The other hiker looked up from him and said “I don’t need to outrun the bear, I need to outrun YOU”

We live in a competitive world. Companies are either growing or decaying: There is no in-between. In order to be successful you need to be passionate about what you do. You can just ‘outrun’ your competitors or you can be so far out in front that you lap them time and again. I try to instill as much passion to win as I can in each and every engagement to make your audience want to win… and WIN by a significant margin.



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