Social Media is a COMMUNICATIONS TOOL. Measuring success

When talking about Social Media I’ve found that many companies start by asking “What’s the ROI?” When you ask an accountant about this, they tell you that marketing is NOT an asset so there is no ROI. That doesn’t change the fact that Company Executives do need to know how to measure success of Social […]

GooglePlus, Where are we now? Fornicating around with Facebook

The title is a misnomer, it’s not just Google and Facebook but they are certainly the most guilty. Way back in Social Media time Eric Schmidt said to wait until early Spring 2012 and “we’ll see the results of the Google Product Roadmap” which implied there was a plan: a strategy. Now it’s early Spring […]

Getting the most out of IMTS

I have had the good fortune of attending IMTS as an exhibitor, a manufacturer’s agent and an industrial distributor since 1994.  In each role I’ve learned a few things about how different people approach the IMTS show and what they get out of it.  Here’s some ideas on how you can maximize your IMTS experience. […]

Don’t let attendees at #IMTS think your booth is just a lot of hot air!

What are yourgoals for the IMTS show? As IMTS is rapidly approaching many exhibitors are scrambling to be prepared for and caught up in all of that necessary, last-minute minutia that we all tend to forget about. But, take a moment to sit back and think about the big picture of exhibiting at IMTS. Ask […]

Social Media CRM & Dashboards are NOT ready for Prime Time

The focus of many companies who have not jumped into Social Media efforts has been to work out their strategy and tactical implementation but the tool sets they have to manage them aren’t finished being built. Social CRM and Social Media dashboards are still in the development stage. No one has it right yet. Well, […]

NOT MARKETING: Social Media is a communications TOOL

Social Media is a communications TOOL just like a fax machine, a cell phone or email Lately I’ve been seeing more and more articles discussiing which department controls the message of Social Media: Marketing or PR? I actually was asking that question a year ago in an article entitled “Who leads the charge in Social […]

Social Media is about Communications

Social Media speaker and consultant Bernard Martin of Rapid Production Marketing is the first guest the Integrated Print Forum event hosted by the Printing Industries of America in Oct 2011. Mr Martin talks about how Social Media is about communications and how you and your company is perceived in the Social Media World is going […]

CNC Workholding & Fixturing Solutions for the Long Term

A presentation at GlobalbSpec during their Trade Show of CNC Tooling & Workholding. Some excerpts: In the past, companies who purchased a new CNC mill mounted a 6-in. single-station vise on the table and started making chips. When more capacity was needed, a second vise was added, then a third. When the table space was […]

iPads and tablets in the office: What’s Next?

There are several ways to discuss tablets: From and operating system comparison, a feature comparison, or from a user experience perspective. Limiting the discussion to only those areas would be akin to a blindfolded man describing the trunk or tail of an elephant. This conference presentation to the Maryland Association of Certified Public Accountants, MACPA, […]

Conducting Distributor Sales Meetings

Many times manufacturers set up sales meetings to introduce new products or new contacts for their company but do not set any goals or objectives for the sales meeting and the desired outcomes. If you want to stand out from the rest of the presenters then you should have an action plan in place. Just […]