What’s the best length for a LinkedIn Status update?

A study from Compendium sheds some light ideal LinkedIn language for B2B and B2C brands. These stipulations are by no means set in stone, but offer helpful guidelines for user preferences. On length: B2B brands: 16-25 word posts perform best B2C brands: 21-25 word posts perform best On questions: B2B brand posts containing question marks saw […]

Have you Standardized your Price Lists? Is it Import Ready?

This is a special report for the International Manufacturing Technology Show exhibitors If you are selling through a distribution channel then the DISTRIBUTORs are the FIRST customer who’s needs you should meet. I’ve seen many manufacturer’s who have great products, great catalogs, and yet they can’t figure out why they are not selling more.  Somewhere […]

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WHY USE BERNARD MARTIN FOR YOUR NEXT KEYNOTE? Industry specific complex concepts explained in entertaining, easy-to-understand soundbites that your group can take away & implement “When you first start using Social Media tools it’s easy to view it with  traditional ‘push’ style ‘shotgun’ marketing tactics.  That is certainly part of “it” but you’ll very quickly […]