What’s All This About Social Media?

Want to learn more about some Social Media basic?  This video was part of a series presented during the International Manufacturing Technology Show.

Getting Global-burgh

Pittsburgh is rapidly becoming a hub of innovation and is attracting international business. This discussion on August 2 2012, took a look at several opportunities & introduced several resources that entrepreneurs can utilize to grow their business internationally from the Western Pennsylvania area Presented by: Jessica Lee’s Entrepreneurial Thrusdays¬†entrepreneurialthursdays.com Co-host Bernard T Martin, President Rapid […]

Secrets of Manufacturer’s Reps

This video is part of a series of training videos assembled by Catalyst Connection in Pittsburgh PA. Manufacturing companies seeking to expand their channels and distribution often rely on independent manufacturer’s agents or “reps”. This provides insight into what the best reps look for when they represent their principals. It’s important understand what the real […]

Techies, Gadgets & Gizmo’s

Bernard Martin of Rapid Production Marketing was proud to co-host Jessica Lee’s “Jazz Networking” event on January 19, 2012. The speaker line-up was designed to trace a hardware & software product from the development and manufacturing to the current state of mobile technologies and finished up with a discussion about “apps” and dashboards used in […]

Video: How small companies can be more effective than big companies

This program provides an overview of YouTube and other video Social Media sharing platforms and how they function as well as how and why it’s imperative that companies use this service to tell their story. Concepts: How Big is YouTube? How it got built & why that’s important to Social Media GooglePlus integration Marketing on […]

Getting On Target with Twitter

This program was designed to introduce Twitter and how it can be used for #B2B industrial selling. It’s instructive presentation focuses on how machine shops, manufacturing companies and metalcutting industry professionals can leverage their relationships to help promote their business as well as stay on-top-of-the-market conditions in their industry segment. Subject matter will delve into […]

What the Marine Corps can teach you about LinkedIn

This presentation provides an overview of LinkedIn by starting with the premise that “Every Marine is a Rifleman” therefore everyone within your company is a salesperson regardless of job description. Most management and marketing theory trace back to methods developed by warfighters. The hierarchical structure of many companies sometimes overshadows the importance and value that […]

Social Media is about Communications

Social Media speaker and consultant Bernard Martin of Rapid Production Marketing is the first guest the Integrated Print Forum event hosted by the Printing Industries of America in Oct 2011. Mr Martin talks about how Social Media is about communications and how you and your company is perceived in the Social Media World is going […]

CNC Workholding & Fixturing Solutions for the Long Term

A presentation at GlobalbSpec during their Trade Show of CNC Tooling & Workholding. Some excerpts: In the past, companies who purchased a new CNC mill mounted a 6-in. single-station vise on the table and started making chips. When more capacity was needed, a second vise was added, then a third. When the table space was […]

iPads and tablets in the office: What’s Next?

There are several ways to discuss tablets: From and operating system comparison, a feature comparison, or from a user experience perspective. Limiting the discussion to only those areas would be akin to a blindfolded man describing the trunk or tail of an elephant. This conference presentation to the Maryland Association of Certified Public Accountants, MACPA, […]