iPads and tablets in the office: What’s Next?

There are several ways to discuss tablets: From and operating system comparison, a feature comparison, or from a user experience perspective. Limiting the discussion to only those areas would be akin to a blindfolded man describing the trunk or tail of an elephant.

This conference presentation to the Maryland Association of Certified Public Accountants, MACPA, focuses on taking small bites of of the entire elephant, as well as looking at the environment he inhabits and the impending weather conditions that are happening, so you can make informed decisions for your practice.

The outline for the days’s presentation:

  • The “forrest’ view: who are the players? It’s not always whom you might think
  • Understanding how web 2.0 & Social Media impact movie devices.
  • Understanding how mobile devices impact web 2.0 & Social Media.
  • The “trees” view: Todays mobile options are really about a choice between two operating systems loaded on to different hardware: Apple IOS and Google’s Android OS

The BIG ideas:

  • Hardware Technology is being driven by the software technology
  • Software technology is being driven by the hardware technology
  • Technology is driving more communications.
  • Communication is driving innovation.
  • Innovation is driving hardware and software, including SAAS, technology

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