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How do I tell you that you don't know what you don't know? ... and niether do I

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What is a Social Media expert?

Social Media is one of the most rapidly changing dynamic environments for sales, marketing & customer service today.

I’ve had this same discussion far too many times. In my very humblest of opinion there are no experts yet. The entire space is evolving so quickly that what you thought you knew a few hours ago has changed. A new Social Media outlet has sprung up, a new option, a new potential way to use an existing tool, more people have started using a platform and the dynamic has changed so your strategy has to change with it. Here’s how I explain it…


It’s like the Gold rush in 1849

I’ve compared the social media frontier to San Francisco in 1849. There’s rampant growth. There’s new people and new ideas arriving daily and what used to be a ship docked, turned into a sunken barge that then became backfilled with land, the deck knocked off, covered over with dirt and a building put up.. in less than a month.

So if you leave a Social Media space for a short time… to go mine your gold, when you return a few weeks later it’s ALL changed. I do believe that there are outlet specific experts who have stayed on top of a particular social media space and have gotten very very good. These are the folks who direct you where to get the best deal on shovels and picks when you walk down the plank. There are others who can guide you to the right trail and still others who can hook you up with a tent when you arrive at your Social Media “dig”

1850 and the crews abandon ship to look for gold

But for every honest broker out there you might meet, there are likely to be tenfold more who really don’t have any idea, BUT, they have clients whom they HAVE assisted. They may not be the ‘best’ but they have added value and therefore are called an ‘expert’.

I suspect it’s rather easy to feel you’re an expert when you don’t know what you don’t know, but you do know more than the other guy.

When I see the word “expert” in a bio it does raise a red flag, but that doesn’t stop me from looking at them, seeing what they know and what I can learn from them. Even the one that is knowingly taking someone’s money knows something. So I listen, So I learn.

So I ask you this…. Whom do you know that’s really good at Social Media Marketing? What are they doing that you like? Who are the experts that you follow and what have you learned from them?



Helping you get the best results

I present what I know based upon what I know about business. Social Media is quickly becoming an integral part of doing business just like email, a mobile phone, or even a fax machine. I explain some concepts but the platforms in Social Media are areas where your audience needs to create their own ideas. I get them thinking

Skin in the Game

What is “know” is based upon being ‘in the game’ and not just for own self promotion but acting as the Social Media director for several companies and organizations. Each industry is a bit different and there are functions that are ideal for one but have no application for others. I present real world examples of how the tools can be used.