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Bernard Martin of Rapid Production Marketing was proud to co-host Jessica Lee’s “Jazz Networking” event on January 19, 2012.

The speaker line-up was designed to trace a hardware & software product from the development and manufacturing to the current state of mobile technologies and finished up with a discussion about “apps” and dashboards used in Social Media for mobile marketing efforts.

Bernard T Martin, President
Rapid Production Marketing
A Marketing, Management, Social Media and Business Intelligence Consulting firm focused in the Automotive, Industrial & Manufacturing segments. We build Social Media Brands!”

Here’s who’ was on:

“Developing Gadgets & Gizmos Hardware”
Tim Fletcher
Discussed how new products are developed and some of the process steps that Daedalus uses to create a new product.

“Mobile Gadgets & Gizmos”
Aaron Feitner
Discussed how companies are using and addressing mobile technologies for a variety of purposes to enhance their business operations

“Apps” & how these gizmos are used”
Marcus Miller
Kelevra Ideas
Discussed some of the apps they have developed and how companies are using apps in their business.

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