What the Marine Corps can teach you about LinkedIn

This presentation provides an overview of LinkedIn by starting with the premise that “Every Marine is a Rifleman” therefore everyone within your company is a salesperson regardless of job description.

Most management and marketing theory trace back to methods developed by warfighters. The hierarchical structure of many companies sometimes overshadows the importance and value that each and every employee can bring to the table to assist their companies sales and profitability. LinkedIn is a tool that each and every employee can participate to the advantage of the company where they work.

Program Details:

  • Why it’s critical
  • Completing your LinkedIn profile: correctly
  • Why your interests, hobbies, affiliations and groups are important
  • Leveraging LinkedIn for your company
  • Products, Services and Recommendations
  • Being a LEAN manufacturing fighting machine
  • Team Building opportunities with LinkedIn
  • Connecting it to other Social Media
  • How it relates to SEO (and what is SEO!)

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