The following is a sampling of clients we have built various levels of functionality for in the manufacturing market. Below please find links to Manufacturer’s, Agents and Industrial Distributors who are using social media marketing to gain marketshare from their competitors


Browne & Co. Sales – This is a good example of a social media site for a manufacturer’s agent which enables Browne & Co. to invite their customers to join and stay up-to-date on the latest in technology offerings.

Criterion Machine Works – This is a great example of an interconnected site for those with SEO SEM concerns. Sometimes it all starts with Blogging.  If you have an application solution for a product that’s been around for many years here’s a way to promote those niche solutions to problems that people rip out their hair trying to find a solution for on the internet.
 D&L Industrial– This is a good example of a work in progress for an industrial distributor which includes a true social media website with chat, suppliers, and customers ability to join in conversation and link to their other Social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter

 JohnMAllenCo – A rather complete social media site for an industrial distributor. We created the Twitter, Facebook and YouTube platforms for them and idd the intitial “seeding” of the sites to to establish their social media presence.

 Pittsburgh Vintage Grand PrixDeveloped the Strategic Outline, and then implemented Facebook, Twitter, Flikr, YouTube and SpeedTV Social Media

 Mid-Atlantic Sports Cars – We started with a Blog, and then interconnected their Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites all into one.
 Next Generation Tooling – Another good example of a social media site for a manufacturer’s rep. We built their site as well as their Facebook and Twitter feeds AND, most important, we are working with them on HOW to use the tools they now have.
 TechniksUSA – We created an interconnected Social Media presence on Facebook, Twitter & YouTube and crosslinked all of it with their Blog and numerous back-end social media management tools.


Other sites that we have worked on, created, or manage for our clients:

 The Cortile – This is one of of very first projects. We created the Cortile concept for the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix and have continuously worked to try to improve not only the website but also the entire event management.  After many years of experience creating trade show booths and event promotion we threw our efforts into creating something very very unique. The ABOUT page on the Cortile can give you a bit more history of how the event evolved, but the most important aspect of the development has been the experimentation with participant feedback and how “catering to the customer’s wants” has played a critical role in the success.
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